Monday, February 15, 2010

Wisdom of Oz

Dr. Oz that is!  He has six easy steps that can improve your mood and your health and help you feel and look great---it takes baby steps to change yourself.  If you make major changes, upset your balance, you will probably end up right back where you were in a month.  Check out these tips and find changes that work for you every day, so you can make them a part of your life!
1. Learn your numbers. Your waist size, the most important one, should be half of your height or less.  Body fat in your middle can have many negative healthy effects.
2. Play with your kids (or your pets). They burn tons of calories wiggling, jumping and dancing.  Your ultimate goal: To raise your heart rate, meaning you're feeling breathy but not gasping for breath.
3. Lose the white foods. Cutting out white rice, pasta, sugar and flour cuts out the toxic sugars that damage your liver. Look at your grocery store like it's a pharmacy. The more natural color in your diet, the better.
4. Up your vitamin D intake. Our ancestors got thousands of units of vitamin D from the sun, but today we're not getting nearly enough. This nutrient is key for strengthening our immune system and bones and reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Get about 1,000 IUs a day by taking a supplement.
5. Hop in bed. Regular sexual intimacy prolong life expectancy. Plus, lack of intimacy can derail a relationship. Carve out time for romance at least once a week.
6. Find time for you. Especially moms who tend to put themselves second, but we all need time to recharge too!

We have hit some of these topics in past posts, but a little reminder is always good! If you are struggling to get going or to keep going, choose one and work on that for a week, than add another!
Let me know how I can help you!

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