Saturday, February 27, 2010

We all have bad days....or weeks...but you can pick back up!

There are days when those cookies are just irresistible, there are days when one serving just isn't enough!  It happens to all of us no matter how dedicated, motivated and strong we think we are!
Does one indulgence in a day mean your whole day is blown out of the water?  Does one indulgent day mean you should just take the week off?  Does a few weeks of chaos mean you should quit worrying about eating healthy and working out altogether?  DEFINITELY NOT!!!!
Sometimes a little slip can be good for our bodies!  It may satisfy psychological and physiological cravings and help prevent you from "falling off the wagon." It's human nature to want what you can't have or aren't supposed to have, so going too long without letting yourself relax a bit can lead to binge eating. This need to be done within reason though!  If the food is really fatty and bad for you, please at least share it with someone else!  Don't take 2 steps backwards for the big step forward you took last week!
If you get on the wrong track, reign yourself in and get right back on track!  Here are some more tips from a Beachbody posting from Chalene Johnson:
  1. Portion size for high-calorie food = very small. Portion size for vegetables = large.
  2. Distract yourself when you have a very strong craving. Cravings will disappear after two minutes if you walk away and turn your attention elsewhere. (I vote for 20 will DEFINITELY be distracted after that ;))
  3. Think "W.I.W.M." When you really crave something unhealthy, finish this phrase: "What do I want more?" That piece of chocolate cake or a body I feel proud of? And on rare occasions, it’s okay to pick the chocolate cake!
  4. We are works in progress. No one eats perfectly every day, so don’t allow one bad choice to result in bingeing the rest of the day or falling back into old habits—and that includes on vacations. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that your eating habits are, too! Look forward to all the free time you’ll have to exercise or sightsee on your long walks while on your next getaway.
  5. As hard as it may seem at times to get into shape, it's often more stressful, depressing, and even potentially life threatening to remain overweight.
Cravings happen.  It is your choice if you give in, when you give in or if you don't give in. Be reasonable!  Unless you have a major goal you are working for that your treat might stop you reaching, a treat every so often in not unreasonable!  If you want to get to your goal faster, RESIST!  You are strong...if you need a reminder just look in the mirror!  Need help?  I would love to help you.  Sign up with me at Beachbody to keep yourself accountable!  You can join for free and enjoy the services, Log your workouts with WOWY for chances to win prizes too!  OR pay to join and you can plan out all of your meals and snacks to get you really focused and set to lose!

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