Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am stealing my intro to the WarmLine newsletter as I think it applies to all of us, not just moms!
Focus.  We spend our time focusing on one thing or another, sometimes spreading our focus between too many things.  As moms we have so many things to focus on.  Our children, our spouses, our families, our homes, our jobs, our hobbies...the list is endless.  It is easy to spread our focus and ourselves too thin that we lose perspective on what is important! 
Priorities, lists, and planning!  These all help keep us in line! 
Boundaries,  values and faith!  These limit where we will venture. 
If you ever feel yourself getting out of control or just "lost" you probably need to stop and refocus...replan where you are and where you want to be.  As mom's we also put so much into others that we need to put some focus back on ourselves! 
Make a commitment to yourself this spring.  A better and more organized mom helps not only you, but the whole family.  Happy mommy=happy household!
Part of my thinking in this is of course FITNESS!  Making time for it in our busy lives!  Good nutrition!  Few things are easy or free.  Most things of value take hard work, dedication and planning!  So put that in your focus!  A healthy body leads to fewer problems, feeling better emotionally and physically, more ability to do things you want, wear what you can that be the wrong choice!
I would love help you reach your goals!  Let me know where you want to be and I can help you get there! Go to my Beachbody page to contact me!

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