Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eat these instead...

A craving is as much about texture as it is about the taste.  Here are a few suggestions to help you through some cravings:
Craving Potato Chips--->Reach for baby carrots...they pack a great crunch
Craving Sweet and Creamy--->Reach for Greek yogurt, pudding, hot cocoa
Craving Sweet and Crunchy--->Reach for apples or trail mix
Craving Salty and Crunchy--->Reach for baked tortilla chips, edamame with sea salt, pickles, popcorn
Craving Salty and Creamy--->Reach for string cheese, hummus, creamy peanut butter

Always remember that portion size is a factor, EVEN in the healthier choices!  You can eat nothing but healthy food and still not lose weight if you eat more than your body needs!  Until you have a good handle on what you need, write down what you eat, use a free online program to count your calories and make sure you know how much you need in a day too!  It depends on your height, your weight, your lean muscle mass!  If you would like more info just head to my Beachbody site and email me, I would love to help!

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