Monday, February 8, 2010

How can Beachbody work for you?

Are you looking to keep yourself a little bit more accountable in your fitness and nutrition goals?  Are you looking to buy your nutritional products at a discounted price?  Why not check out Beachbody Coaching opportunities!  I am a part of Team Revolution with Beachbody!  We have a great, motivational, strong team of coaches.  Some people sign up as a coach so they can benefit from the discounts for themselves (25% off all products).  Some people sign up as a coach as they enjoy the products so much that they would like to share them with family and friends and with the commission they make off of those sales, will be able to pay for their own products!  A very easy step from there is to expand your business a bit and in no time you will be making extra money for other adventures and purchases, meeting a lot of others with similar interests and goals, and maybe even winning trips to Hawaii!  Watch the decide video and see what you think.  If that is intriguing, check out the my fitness pays website!
You don't need to have any special qualifications to be a coach, everything is spelled out in the products, the website, by the upstream just need to share what you do and how it works for you! 
Sign onto the Beachbody site and check it out.  You can check it out for free, you can use it as a regular member!  Enter your workouts in WOWY for chances to win daily prizes.  Try Shakeology and you enter to win their weekly $1000 contest!
Our team has a facebook page you can check out too!  Just search for Team Revolution!

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