Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another at home workout...not enough time in the day!

I had big plans of getting a workout in first thing this morning...then I realized my kids needed to be fed, and the fish tank needed cleaning, and I surely couldn't do any floorwork until I had vacuumed!  AND maybe I should just go for a run as my dogs needed to get out! sigh...
I did my jobs, sadly looked away from my dogs, and put in the DVD for the Insanity fit test!  Wowza!!!!  That was a hardcore half hour...and that was just the test, but there was still sweat flying everywhere!!!!  I plan to start the program next week, but I wanted a little preview!
My hubbie and the kids then headed out on errands so I popped my TurboKick music in and got busy with round 39!  This is the round I am currently teaching on Wednesday evenings at 6pm at the NW Body Xchange Sports Club, and it is rocking!  I definitely got my calories burned today :)  There is a great at home version of Turbo called TurboJam . A great program for fun calorie burning.  Also a great way to get all the moves figured out so you can REALLY enjoy and take advantage of TurboKick classes at the gym!
After my great workouts I had a Chocolate banana Shakeology for lunch, packed up veggies, reduced calorie Spinach dip, reduced calorie apple pie, slightly healthified cookies and 1 beer each for the hubbie and I and we headed off to watch the Superbowl.  I realized as I was deciding what to take to a friends house that I should take matters into my own hands for my food choices.  I knew what would be there, and I wasn't sure if there would be enough veggies for me to nibble all afternoon, I knew I would want some I took some healthy choices for me, for my family and for anyone else who wanted to share!  Yes, I did enjoy a few other treats too, but I mostly stuck with the veggies!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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