Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's get SIZZLING for Summer

Are you ready to throw on your swimsuit and head to the beach? Without hiding behind that coverup? Let's work hard for the month of May and get to the beach together! The power of commitment and accountability might be able to help you reach your goal, so lets do it!

I am going to offer some guidelines for Nutrition and Fitness. How closely you follow them depends on how much you want to reach your goals. I can only help you so much, it is up to you to make conscious decisions for yourself!

Nutrition Guidelines:
Nutrition plays a MAJOR role in your weight. If you exercise hard for an hour then pick up a Big Mac and coke on your way home, have you really accomplished anything at all...I think not!
1. Drink water, and lots of it-aim for 1/2 your weight in ounces a day!
2. Cut out the white. White pasta, white rice and white sugar. Look for 100% whole grain/wheat bread and pasta.
3. Aim to eat 6+ cups of veggies and 1-2 cups of fruit a day. They help fill you up, are low in calories and fat and if you don't now, you can learn to love them!
4. Don't drink too many calories. Cut out your soda and alcohol, decrease your fruit juice and energy drinks, and cut back on your caffeine!
5. Eat every 2-3 hours. This prevents your metabolism from slowing and prevents you from getting so hungry that you are tempted to empty the pantry in your next meal!

I would recommend food journaling. Get an idea of what you are consuming in a day, find out when your weak times are and plan for it. Have healthy foods around, find something to distract you. Every time you reach for a cookie or cupcake or other snack, ask yourself if you REALLY need it, ask yourself if it tastes better than reaching your goals will feel. Yes, we all get off track on occasion, but hop yourself right back on track and focus! It is only a month, you can manage without the wine and cookies for ONE MONTH!!!!

Fitness Guidelines:
Aim for 45+ minutes, 6 times a week. A good plan would include 3 alternating days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio in addition to 1 "rest" or stretch day. What exactly constitutes exercise? Anything that gets your heart rate elevated and keeps it up. Vigorous housecleaning and gardening can be great exercise, walking the dogs briskly around the neighborhood, running bleachers at a nearby school. I like to run, hit the gym or workout to a fitness DVD, but we are all at different levels. You need to find an activity that you enjoy, that you can fall back on when you really don't feel like exercising, but you know you need to!

If you follow these guidelines for the whole month of May, I guarantee you will see changes in your body in one month! There is no magic fix, it takes hard work and commitment, but I know you can do it! Take your measurements and before photos so you can see! Maybe it will encourage you to continue on after May 31st :)

Please invite your friends to join us, the more the merrier, and post how you are doing, let me know if you have questions, and let's get ready to hit the beach!

If you are looking for a workout program I would love to tell you about the great variety Beachbody has from TurboJam (a dance party), to Brazil Butt Lift and Slim in 6, to hardcore programs like P90X and Insanity! Great stuff. I have been drinking Shakeology for3 months now. It has helped me increase my energy, reduce my cravings and I have gradually lost a few pounds each month. Let me know if you would like more info on any of these amazing products, or contact your coach!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tips for Gaining Control of your urge to eat something you don't need!!!

You need to figure out why you overeat. Take that energy and put it somewhere else. Somewhere positive! When you feel the urge to binge, immediately do something else. Do jumping jacks, go for a walk, take a shower, call a friend, read a book . . . anything to distract you! Drinking water is often a great replacement as often you can fill that space in your belly long enough to trick yourself into thinking it really is full :)

Here are some ideas (First 10 from Debbie Siebers):

1. Drink a big glass of water; it will keep your stomach feeling full.
2. Repeat saying positive things to yourself.
3. Be patient.
4. Be wise with your decision.
5. Do not overeat at mealtimes. It's all about portion control, cutting back on carbs, especially sugar!
6. Be smart and take good care of that wonderful body that was given to you.
7. Respect yourself.
8. Starve your body of all sugar.
9. Drink tons of water.
10. Eat lots of veggies, fruit, fish, and chicken!
11. Challenge yourself. Write down some goals of what you are allowed and not allowed and if you cheat you lose your food point for the whole day...maybe reward yourself after a week of getting your points...just NOT with bad food! Challenge ideas: half your body weight in ounces of water; 6 cups of veggies a day (great way to fill up); no white flour, white sugar or alcohol; bread type products must be 100% whole wheat or whole grain! Good rewards would be new fitness clothes, a massage, a book, a workout video, or Shakeology :)
What better way to help yourself eat better!
Are you ready to bring it? Join me in Beachbody to help keep yourself accountable!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beachbody Summit

Next weekend is the Coach meeting for Beachbody, distributors of P90X, Insanity, TurboJam, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6, Shakeology and so much more!
I get to work out with Tony Horton, Shawn T, Chalene Johnson, Debbie Siebers...I can't wait :)
If you have ever had any interest in being a Beachbody coach, this is the event to be at to learn more and it is in Los Angeles!
Check out what it is all about, and if you can't join me, check back here in the first week in May and I will tell you all about thing I am most excited about is information on the release of TurboFire. This is a Turbo program by Chalene Johnson with intensity more like Insanity...can't wait :)

Stay tuned for more, it's gonna be fun :)
Check out my site for more info too

Monday, April 19, 2010

Flyball... P90X for dogs ;)

I just spent a very enjoyable Sunday playing flyball with my Turn'N Spit friends and my dogs! Fun people with fun, competitive and fast racing with the dogs! Everyone loves it...especially the dogs! If you want to know what Flyball is about, check out this video!

My next goal is to get the participants as fit as the dogs ;)
First step, lets clean up the food people! I tell ya' it is hard to resist a table full of danishes,cookies, M&Ms, trail mix, and more cookies! Thank goodness I brought a big tray of fresh veggies and hummus...and my Shakeology!  I still had a cookie and some trail I said, how can you resist when it is right there and you need some extra energy to get you through the long day.  The goal next time would be to not bring the danishes and cookies!  If healthy options are the only choices you are one step ahead of the game and don't have to deal with temptations!  Nutrition can be up to 75% of the weight battle! The other 25% through exercise!  Check out this great clip on Slim in 6...the perfect place to begin your weight loss journey with exercise!

Beachbody has a great offer on right now, if you buy Slim in 6 AND Shakeology, you get 25% of Slim in 6...and even better. If you sign up to be a coach you get an additional 25% off the total! (you can be a coach JUST to get the discount and cancel at any time, or to make money for yourself!)
Please let me know if you have any questions, are ready to start a weightloss journey!  I would love to help you make it work!!!  You can access me through my site or click here to email me directly.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you REALLY eating right?

Do you REALLY know what you are eating? Have you tried writing everything down for a few days to see where you are at, or are you convinced that yes, you eat healthy, you have appropriate calorie consumption, you are good to go. I bet you would be amazed!
I watch what I eat, I eat LOTS of veggies (at least 6 cups a day), and I STILL consume over 2000 calories a day...I am 6' tall though with a great metabolism so that is OK for me! It is definitely not OK for everyone one though. You can calculate your caloric needs on many sites based on your height, weight, and activity level! Team Beachbody has some great resources to help you with this if you choose the paid membership option.
After you learn how many calories you SHOULD be will be amazed at how quickly you can meet these caloric needs.
An average day of eating out for someone who thinks they are eating healthily...3 meals with 2 snacks so their metabolism keeps chugging along.
Breakfast-Power Size Strawberries Wild Jamba juice...510 calories
Snack-apple and a handful of almonds...250 calories
Lunch-Chicken Caesar Sandwich + iced green tea from Panera Bread...810 calories
Snack-low fat mozzarella cheese stick & 16 low fat wheat thins...200 calories
Dinner-Chicken Florentine Salad at Macaroni Grill + glass of red wine...1120 calories
That is a day of eating out for meals, pretty healthy looking choices, no bread no dessert...2890 calories.

How about an "in a hurry" day-still trying to keep it healthy!!!
Breakfast- behind schedule so I stop at Starbucks for a grande non fat latte and a reduced fat banana choc chip coffee cake...510 calories
Snack- no time
Lunch-shopping at Costco so I grab a hotdog and diet coke plus a churro as I am hungry from missing my morning snack...980 calories + toppings, BUT it only cost $2.50 ;)
Snack-feel guilty from the hot dog so I don't eat an afternoon snack...too busy anyway
Dinner-head to Baja Fresh for some quick mexican food.  Eat some chips and salsa while we wait, chicken tostada with salsa for dressing...1540 calories (if you only have 1 serving of chips)
a bowl of Dreyer's Slow Churned ice cream when you get home because you are tired from your long day...200 calories
A grand total of 3,230, assuming you didn't snack more along the way and had diet soda for lunch.

How about a healthier day?  Some planning, at home cooking, a little prep work and it is amazing what changes you will see.
Breakfast-Chocolate Shakeology blended with ice and a few strawberries...165 calories
Snack-apple and a handful of almonds...250 calories
Lunch-Black bean soup & classic cafe Salad (dressing on the side, use less than 1/2) w a whole grain baguette (no butter) @ Panera...425 calories
Snack-Low fat cheese stick w 16 reduced fat wheat thins...200 calories
Dinner-4 oz boneless skinless grilled chicken and zucchini on the BBQ, 1/2 cup brown rice flavored w chicken stock while it cooks, romaine salad with chopped cucumber and tomato tossed in 1 tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette. Glass of red wine. 1 cup of strawberries for dessert...552 calories
A grand total of 1592 calories...including eating out one meal!  

Adding vegetables in to help fill you up, adding Shakeology to help fill you up and increase your energy, drink lots of water to help keep you full, and plan ahead.  Get a carry along book like The Calorie King to allow for quick checks when you end up eating out.  I just bought a great book at Costco called "Cook this, not that"!  So if I am craving a restaurant item but don't want the calories, I can make myself a healthier alternative at home!
Some key tools to help you eat healthier anywhere...stay away from white.  Whether it is pasta, rice or bread, always choose whole grain or preferably 100% whole wheat!
Choose Grilled over fried or baked!  Learn the lingo of what will work best for...and if all else fails, just ask how many calories it has, how it was are the only one that can watch out for you! 
Take on the challenge!
If you would like some help getting started in your eating right journey, I would love to help you!  Don't forget that nutrition can be over 70% of the solution to weight loss...there is still the trick of increasing the activity level that is important...I can help you with that too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shakeology®: A Shake Too Good to Be True?

Shakeology®: A Shake Too Good to Be True?
By Dr. Mark Cheng, PhD
(taken from the Beachbody Newsletter)
This is an article from a professional who teaches for one the most respected kettlebell training communities in the country. It was written by Dr. Mark Cheng in response to some of his students and peers who were questioning his vocal support of Shakeology. Dr. Cheng gave us permission to reprint it here.

Lately, I've made mention about my use of the nutritional product Shakeology, and some folks have been questioning if I've abandoned the RKC ranks and gone "P90X" on them. So let me set the record straight . . . definitively . . . once and for all.

I heard about Shakeology before there WAS a Shakeology, directly from the mouth of its inventor—Isabelle Brousseau. The wife of Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler, Ms. Brousseau is a singularly talented coach and highly educated researcher. She's spent years studying the advanced principles of elite human performance from authorities around the world, and I was honored to have the chance to share Pavel Tsatsouline's Hardstyle RKC kettlebell training method privately with her. As an adept student, she was on the fast track to preparing for her RKC instructor certification when she decided to take time off upon learning she was expecting her first child.

During the times I spent training her, Isabelle and I spoke about Chinese herbal medicine, and she mentioned she was researching ways of combining all-natural foods with the highest possible nutrient values into a meal-replacement shake designed for athletes and people-on-the-go. When she mentioned wanting to put in high quality ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, prebiotics, and a host of other vitamins and minerals, my initial reaction was, "Yeah, right!"

My doubts were not unfounded. Having spent years studying (and consuming) Chinese herbal medicines, I had a familiarity with a good deal of what Brousseau was talking about. The ingredients she'd mentioned sounded like a wish list that only insiders would know of and only the filthy rich and well-connected could afford. On top of that, the taste of such a mixture, I surmised, would probably make even the least sensitive tasters wretch with disgust. To make a mixture that would contain the type of ingredients she mentioned, be stable enough to ship and store, and not taste like the bottom skim of a Los Angeles sewer was a pipe dream as far as I was concerned. So I filed the conversation away in my mental round file. A couple of years later, when I met with Carl to discuss a project idea, I saw the finished product on his shelf. Eager to see how far from the initial ideal the finished product had to compromise, I was in for a shock.

Not only did Shakeology have EXACTLY the type of ingredients that Isabelle had mentioned during our training sessions, but it had MORE!

Some notables:

* Astragalus: widely used in Chinese medicine as an immune system regulator
* MSM: one of the most popular supplements for joint health
* Chia: the Mayan super-seed with more calcium than whole milk, more omega-3 and -6 than salmon, and more protein than kidney beans
* THREE different proprietary blends and some vitamins and minerals that actually exceeded the U.S. RDA.

This stuff looked like it was fit for a king for sure. So I was curious to put it to the final 2 tests: taste and performance. I wanted to know if it smelled or tasted anything like what I thought it would and was curious if it'd make a difference for my high-velocity, high-output, high-mileage lifestyle.

A little background: I'm a caffeine junkie by virtue of workaholism. Ever since discovering the "joy" of all-nighter homework sessions in high school, I became keenly aware of the value of being able to work harder and sacrifice sleep. So when the NoDoz, Vivarin, and Mountain Dew lifestyle needed an adult turn after I'd graduated and started writing, teaching, treating patients, travelling, training, and trying to spend time with my family, I dove hip deep into energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and caffeinated energy bars like Pit Bull. When I speak well about a nutritional product, it's for one reason: it helps me get my work done while keeping me healthy. Another bit of background: I'm a glutton. I love food, especially food that tastes good. I never met a filet mignon that I didn't like, and never met one that I didn't like better wrapped in bacon, with a side of bacon-wrapped scallops, and mashed potatoes—topped with bacon. If it doesn't taste good, I don't care how good it is for me. I'll STILL probably not like it well enough to be disciplined about taking it.

The Greenberry Shakeology bag that Carl gave me turned my ball of preconceived notions and stood it on its ear. From the moment I opened the bag, the scent was wonderful, like a dessert that you're eager to tear into. So I dumped some ice and water into the blender and dropped a scoop of the bright green powder in with it. I didn't add juice or other fruits because I wanted to know exactly how this tasted by itself, unadulterated. The next sound I heard after taking my first sip was, "Yum!" It passed the taste test.

Next was the travel test. I wanted to see how it kept me going while traveling, so instead of my usual chain-drinking habit of Monster or Red Bull, I tried a shake or two during the day, usually with one in the morning. I brought Shakeology with me to New York, New Mexico, and most recently to Australia to see how I'd do with it, and the results were remarkable. I had sustained, stable energy, but without the jitters, aggression, and hard drops afterwards. When I travel, I travel to teach, and I have to be up, energetic, strong, and focused. My days here in LA revolve around teaching, training, treating patients, and trying to steal moments with my family. So if something doesn't give me the energy to do what I need, I can't waste my precious time or hard-earned money with it.

Shakeology has proven itself to be able to give me all of that on multiple occasions, both while traveling and here in Los Angeles. You can draw your own conclusions about any product you want, but I'm sharing my experiences with Shakeology here openly. And if you think I'm endorsing it only for financial gain, you couldn't be more wrong. I signed up as a "Coach" so I could buy the product for myself! If you want to try it, you know where to find it, and get ready to be surprised how little such high-quality nutrition costs!

If you are interested in Slim in 6 AND Shakeology, if you order them both together you get a 25% discount on Slim in 6...even better, if you join as a coach you get 25% off all products (you have an initial fee of $39.95, then $14.95 a month).  After your first month as a coach, even with your monthly fee, you still save on your monthly orders of when it helps you, you have a great way to encourage friends and family to try, and they you can sell it to them through "your" site!  Find our more about how coaching can work for you at Let me know what you think!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fitting Everything In!

When life gets busy how do you fit everything in?  What are your priorities?
This has been one of those weeks where everything happened at once, and on top of that I even missed a few things as I didn't put them on "both" calendars!
Children, work, volunteer activities, school, sports, exercise, eating healthy, grocery shopping so the eating can happen, oh and, maintaining the homestead :) Sometimes something has to give! For me it is usually "maintaining the homestead" that gets neglected. Don't get me wrong, I wash the dishes and vacuum the main through fares but don't take a close look at my windows, yikes!!!
Children, husband and school are top priorities in our home.  So yes, sometimes the fitness schedule gets thrown for a loop when kids are sick, hubby is away...but that is why I have so many options.  Can't get to  the the gym so I throw in a DVD and work out at home.  Dogs need a walk, so kids get on their bikes and I run! Easy available options make it more difficult to totally miss!
Exercise is a priority for my sanity...if momma doesn't exercise, mama is usually pretty moody, and no one likes that ;) Right now I have my regular program at home with Insanity, within the next month I will change it up a bit and add some running (the weather is perfect for that right now), classes and weights at the gym, and I will focus on the Brazil Butt Lift! (side note, my MIL recently questioned my excitement of Beachbody products, questioning if they really worked...I accepted the challenge and said, see these thighs with a few lumps and bumps...see this belly with a bit of a roll...those will be gone by June 4th when I see you in Hawaii-Game on!)
Eating well is pretty easy for me.  We love veggies in my house and we just don't buy much unhealthy food.  If I buy some cookies for the kids for lunches, I buy a kind I am not crazy about.  Chocolate is my downfall so I try not to have it on hand.  If I am desperate I always have chocolate chips, but for me avoidance of my weaknesses is the safest tactic!  I also help curb my cravings by drinking a Shakeology shake every day.  It has vitamins and minerals, prebiotics, antioxidants, protein and amino acids and so much more!

There are still days I totally miss the mark though.  Yesterday being one of them.  We had Flyball for the dogs, Soccer game for my son, Birthday party for a friend, hubby was away and then I was pooped!  I only had one piece of cake, I otherwise ate pretty well, but next thing I knew it was bedtime!  Time to pick it back up today...that is how I see it.  You can't punish yourself if you miss a workout, if you have a bad day of eating, you just have to work a little bit harder the next day to get back on track and carry on!
The easiest way to fit it all in is of course to schedule, to plan and to make lists so you don't miss things and you keep on top of it all...and of course, don't have two calendars ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Bakersfield Loser has been crowned!!!

Just over 3 months ago, over 300 people started a weight loss journey in Bakersfield, California. They committed to weekly weigh ins, they committed to eating well and exercising regularly, they committed to change their lives. Did they all follow through for the 3 month journey, no, but over 50% of them did, so statistically, that is pretty impressive! They did though lose over 7200 pounds (over 23 pounds per person on average), the top five lost between 28 and 33.4% of their body working hard, staying committed and following through.
Congratulations to the official crowned champion "David Bonilla"---80 pounds in 3 months and looking great!
I hope and pray they are able to stick with it for the long haul now! The big losers have obviously been making some major sacrifices to accomplish this so are going to need to adjust their fitness and eating to suit their lifestyles a bit more appropriately! A difficult adjustment as some people are either 100% or nothing. You can stay at 100% when you workout, just cut back to a hour a day! When you are eating, stick with healthy whole grains, lean meats, fruits and veggies and it is hard to go too wrong....except if you ignore portion control :)
Some of the participants have made great headway but still have some goals to reach in terms of weight loss. So do you stick with the hard core regimen you have been following? If it works for you, why not? Do it until you are where you want to be, you will get there faster. OR you could slow it down a little, as you need to take the time to enjoy your world if you want to keep up the energy and momentum! The road to weight loss is a tough journey, but these people have proven it can be done! Congratulations and good luck on your continued lifestyle of healthy choices!!! Check out