Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Superfoods making big news!

Fox 11 news interviewed Darrin Olien about Superfoods, Oprah's editor for O Magazine went to Peru with Darrin Olien to learn where some of the Superfoods come from that are in Shakeology AND wrote a 14 page article on it! Apparently he know what he is talking about and these Superfoods are pretty important!

Did you realize that the way some foods look mimics the part of the body they help most? Walnuts look like a brain, heirloom tomatoes look like the ventricles of a heart, the core of a carrot looks like the iris of your eye... fascinating stuff.

If you can find the ingredients to make your own shake that is awesome, if you don't have the resources, the time or the money it would take to travel the world to find them, then you might want to take a closer look at Shakeology as Darrin formulated this product with 70 whole foods to bring these superfoods conveniently to us while maintaining the nutrition of the products!!!

Here is the news cast from Fox 11:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Is it really almost June?

Where has the spring gone?  For most people I know they haven't even had spring weather yet and my kids are out of school for SUMMER VACATION in ONE WEEK!  That is crazy!  I am looking forward to a more lax schedule, fun summer camps and lots of pool time, but the problem with the lax schedule is that momma will have to work harder to fit in the workouts and the office work!
Do you have plans for fitting it all in?  I will plan my weeks and my daily activities... this is why we do camps, so I can be structured as I get a little bit out of whack without structure!  I do foresee problems with getting to the gym regularly so thank goodness I have my P90X on the go so I
can get my daily workouts in I have good reason to stay on track with my nutrition (although I did buy plastic wine glasses so I can enjoy a drink by the pool!). 
My kids will be worn out by days end with swimming lessons, soccer camp, Bible camp, Chemistry camp, Country Club camp and Family vacation!!!  Plus playdates and LOTS of pool time!

A few months ago I told my Turbo Kick class that I would love to teach in a bra top to better demonstrate the value of full body movement to working the upper abs... I had big plans for RevAbs to get me ready for that in April, but I did not stay on track with my nutrition to reach my goals in time.  Some one finally called me out on it the other day so I have made a new commitment for Wednesday June 15th... I better get my nutrition on track as my fitness sure is!  I will clean up my eating, find some great recipes to post on here too and keep you posted!  Right after June 15th is the Beachbody Summit annual meeting in LA... which gives me two things to look great for!  Who wants to join me in a clean eating challenge?  I will have details ready to go for Monday!!!

Are you looking for a fitness program to help you reach some fitness goals over the summer?  Watch the Beachbody Solutions video below and let me know what looks like the most fun to you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bringing it with P90X - 1/3 of the way!

So I am on day 29 of the 90 day P90X program!  I am loving it!  I have got all of my workouts in.  I did some minor substitutions as I teach Turbo Kick and PUMP every Wednesday, so I switched my days a little and replaced the Kenpo X day with the Turbo Kick workout!  I have also been doing the 45 minute Fountain of Youth Yoga from Tony Horton's One on One workouts instead of the 90 minute Yoga X!  -this is one of the two free workouts I got when I ordered my P90X, which you too would get if you order a program from me!
I have strayed a little on the nutrition!  The idea in the first month is that you limit your carb intake to 1 serving per day (plus a few servings of veggies) and lots of protein!  I did have more than one serving of carbs on many of the days.  Not a lot of servings, but enough to decrease the "fat burning" effect of the plan.  I also indulged a little over Easter weekend.  Not so much in chocolate, but in wine and carbs!  I know if is only 90 days and I know that nutrition is even MORE important the hitting every workout BUT if figure if I follow the 80:20 rule (hitting it bang on 80% of the time-which is actually usually 95:5), I will be in great shape!

So what are my results from the first phase?  I have gained .25" on each arm (note to self-don't go too heavy on arms) and I have lost .2% body fat!  I can definitely see progress in my arms and my abs feel awesome... just need to lose a few more % of body fat!  My weight is the same and the rest of my measurements are the same!  Admittedly I do not have much weight to lose and I already worked out regularly and I already ate fairly cleanly!  I do feel great though, I am already completing more pushups and up to 4 pullups, so progress is being made!
Day 28 was Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and it was a butt kicker!  I found it more challenging than any of the workouts in Phase 1... not sure why! but I love a good muscle ache if it is for the right reasons :)  Although I am sore I still have ample energy and drive to work out today as I drank my Results and Recovery formula and replenished my muscles with glycogen!  A mistake that so many people make, not feeding their muscles!  If you have worked out for an hour or completed a workout that exhausts you, you need to refuel withing 1 hour of completing your workout for optimal benefits with a high carb to protein (4:1) snack!  The recovery drink is portable and it works!  If you want protein, wait until after you have had the carb mix so your body is ready to absorb the protein!

I will keep you posted on my progress this month!  60 more days and I will be ready to dive into the newest Beachbody program, Insanity Asylum!  I hear it is pure craziness!

Let me know when you are ready to dive into the Beachbody fitness family!  Take a look at this video which tells you about the different programs that Beachbody sells!  Let me know what looks interesting to you and we will get you rolling too!