Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exercise? Your friend or your nemesis?

When you think Exercise, what comes to mind and how does it make you feel?  Answers to this probably fall into these 4 categories... although most in the first category probably aren't even reading my blog ;) :

  1. Exercise?  I don't like to sweat and I really don't like to bend my body in funny ways.
  2. Exercise is a necessary evil and I force myself to go to the workout 2-3 times each week which is pure torture.
  3. Exercise is ok.  It is important for my health and to help me fit into my clothes and I enjoy some work outs.  If something else more important comes up though, I will skip my workout!
  4. Exercise is part of my existence!  I love how it makes me feel, I love how it makes me look, I love the sweat/ muscle burn/ crazy body contortions/ runner's high... I feel amazing after a great workout!

So, where are you?  Exercise of course doesn't have to involve a trip to the gym or pressing play on a DVD, but structure in your exercise can help you achieve more well rounded results and with some planning or training can help you reach your fitness goals.

Resistance training is important to build muscle to help burn more calories even while you are resting on the couch.  It can also help prevent osteoporosis!

Yoga and flexibility training can help you stay limber (or get limber), prevent muscle and body aches and to be able to focus and help your body and mind stay more relaxed.

Cardio, preferably interval training, can help your cardiovascular system, plus it burns calories.

Bottom line... you need to exercise to keep your body and your health in optimum condition.
Best bet... find something you enjoy doing and make it a workout... within reason ;)
I love music and to dance so TurboFire (aka Cardio kickboxing) is a favorite workout for me.  I also like a little muscle definition so adding in some weights has been key to me.  Right now I am enjoying P90X2 but am looking forward to the great music and fun workouts in Les Mills PUMP!
Insanity gave me some amazing results with the very intense cardio.
ChaLEAN Extreme works wonders for the whole body and I enjoy Chalene's energy.
10 Minute Trainer is phenomenal, allowing you to fit an intense workout in 10 minutes or stack them together for 30 minutes!

Whatever you choose, make the commitment and get the job done.  You don't need to spend 2 hours in the gym per visit to see results, you need to push hard and be efficient.  and don't forget about your nutrition!  Veggies and fruits are your friends, as is lean protein!  All of the Beachbody workouts come with great tools to help you understand what your body needs for food!

Join me, lets get you fit and healthy!  sign on for the free membership and lets connect!