Friday, February 19, 2010

got kids?

Kids keep us busy, kids keep us moving, kids keep us awake, but do kids get us fit?  Not so much!
It is often our children that get us overweight due to pregnancy.  It is often our kid's snacks that help keep us overweight as we snack on them when we are too overtired to make healthier food from them keeping us awake at night...anything hitting with you here?  It isn't actually our kid's that got us here, it is us! 
A big part is because when we had kids our priorities changed.  All of a sudden our needs got put on the back burner so we could focus on that parenting thing!  It's all good.  Being an attentive and loving parent is a very important part of raising wonderful children.  Do you know another important part?  Being a good role model!  They watch everything we do!  If we cuss and yell and hit, they tend to do those things too....likewise if we are kind and loving and helpful, they tend to pick us these great traits.  Do you know what else they notice?  What we do in our spare time and what we eat!  They notice if we are active and exercise, they notice if we are overweight, they notice if we eat our vegetables, they notice if we finish the cookies!  How do you think it is going to effect them?  They will probably mimic what we do, or whatever we were doing in their early years!  Does this help you decide if you are going to sit on the couch and eat potato chips on Sunday afternoon or try to go for a family bike ride?  Hopefully!
It isn't just what you do with them, it is what you do for yourself all the time as well.  You need to make yourself a priority!  Parenting is hard work and sometimes you need to take a break and look after you!  In that schedule crammed full of kid's activities and house cleaning and grocery shopping and laundry and need to fit in some EXERCISE!  This may mean a trip to the gym while the kids are at school, this may mean an early morning run before work (or your spouse goes to work), this may mean carving an hour for an at home fitness program either when the kids are home or while they are at school!  You just need to find the time!
Putting it in your schedule helps it become nonnegotiable!  So make yourself a priority, focus on your health and fitness and be a great role model for your children. 
I can recommend some great fitness programs with minimal equipment that are great to do at home and will get you great results when combined with healthy nutrition! (all come with nutrition plans and suggestions).
Slim in 6
Yoga Booty Ballet
Turbo Jam
Brazil Butt Lift
All of these programs are easy to start from a beginner level, but also incorporate more advanced moves as you progress in your fitness.  I would love to tell you more about them.
If you are ready to help your nutrition, check out Shakeology.  A great supplement with superior ingredients to any supplements you will find on a store shelf.  Tastes like a dessert but acts like a salad!  Check out some of the info.  I love it!

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