Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can't get to the gym!

I love going to the gym!  I love the assortment of equipment, I love the energy of other people working out...I have a little more difficulty getting inspired at home!  That said, I don't have much choice this week!  Sick kids!  Can't take them to kid care, can't send them to school, can't leave them in the car ;)  It does seem though that I have the perfect solution!  Beachbody programs! 
As a coach I was able to order a sampling of the most popular programs to try out and to lend to people who might be interested in trying them out.
Today I am going to try out some Yoga Booty Ballet-a great combo of yoga, dance and booty sculpting fitness.  I have Turbo Jam , Hip Hop Abs , Slim in 6 , Power 90 , and P90X
I will let you know what I think of these programs as I try them out.  If you would like to check any out please let me know!
And did you know you can order all of these products from Canada too!!!!! 

There is no excuse not to get moving!  There is always something you can about dropping for a set of pushups right now ;)
Have a great weekend.

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  1. The Yoga Booty Ballet was fun! I went straight for the advance surprise if you know me ;) The cardio part was high energy, fun and you could feel it working your core and booty! The Ballet was very focused on the outer hip area!!! I'm surprised I am not feeling it a bit more today ;) and the yoga was great at the end to stretch me out...I REALLY need to work on my flexibility! and relaxing to sooth me before bedtime :)