Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why are you need seeing changes on that scale?

There are so many factors that come into play with that number on the scale! But it is such an important number to us when you are trying to lose weight....ESPECIALLY when you are in a weight loss competition like the Bakersfield Loser!  In the grand scheme of things, your measurements are more important!  How your clothes are fitting, how you are feeling...but those things aren't going to win you money ;) 
They key things are exercise---are you working hard enough, are you working long enough, are you burning enough calories?  AND nutrition---are you eating within your target calorie range, are your calories comprised of the right foods.  Lets break those down a little bit!
Exercise-fat burns calories while you do nothing.  Soooo, build muscle to lose fat!  The same weight of muscle takes up less room than the same weight of fat---so this will make your clothes fit better while your weight stays the same!  So you got here by lifting more and heavier weight...perfect, but if you still have a lot of weight to lose, you are going to have to start burning some of that fat OFF, not just trading it in for muscle.  The extra muscle will help with increased calorie burn, but to speed up the process add CARDIO!  Get that heart rate up for longer periods of time!  Walk fast on an incline on the treadmill, cruise on the elliptical (if they are all full, try one of the express gyms or come off peak hours), try the Jacob's ladder!!!  An hour of cardio a day may be what you need to get that fat burning off....but real cardio, a brisk pace not a Sunday stroll...there is money at stake here people :)  You need to push yourselves to progress!
Nutrition- some say that nutrition can have much more influence on weight loss than exercise!  So you can work yourself into the ground but if you leave the gym and hit McDonalds on the way home what have you really accomplished?  Every item that enters your body makes a difference!  Pay attention to every bite you take, every crumb that passes your lips!  Make those calories count, work to find healthy foods that you enjoy, find recipes to make them palatable, as these are the foods you are going to want to eat for the rest of your lives.  You may be in high restriction mode while you are trying to lose weight at a high rate, but you need to be careful it doesn't lead to bingeing!  and then you need to adjust your diet so it makes you happy.  Life isn't fun if you can never eat what you want.  A slice or two of pizza on occasion shouldn't be a sin, a piece of chocolate cake shouldn't be eaten hidden under the table...moderation is the key, portion control, and a healthy balance.  I recently wrote a blog about some healthy food choices, there will be more to come!  There are so many resources on the internet for nutrition, diet, food choices.  Take the time for you, look, learn and find out how you can help yourself be healthier today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lives!

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