Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all in the scheduling!

The biggest complaint I hear for not getting in a workout is "I don't have time".  Well, how do you have time to do anything?  You make it a priority and you put it in your schedule!!!!
It is so easy to say that you will get a workout in when you have time, or after you get your kids back to school, or after you get the gardening done, but chances are you just may never get to it!
I do have the luxury of being a stay at home mom, so I have a little more "free" time than a working parent or a working anyone.  I do though volunteer for a local parenting organization called WarmLine, work at the gym a couple of hours a week, have a successful Beachbody business, have two busy young children, two dogs who I play flyball with a few times a month and walk, have a social calendar, look after my home and garden and still manage to fit my workouts in!
I actually find it easier to fit it all in when I am busier and need to write it all down.  Scheduling fitness like I schedule meetings, classes and the dentist!
To get success you need to plan for success!
Let me know how I can help you plan for yours!!!

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