Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do you judge others?

I have been off the wall, out of the loop and derelict the past 2 weeks!  I was on vacation, I was doing a great job of getting my workouts in, then it got more difficult due to location and childcare, then I got sick :(  But here I am, back in the groove, ready to rustle up some good workouts and bring home some great results with Turbo Fire!
All of my free time got me thinking about some "fitness" stereotypes we put on others though!  There are many basic ones such as overweight people are lazy, eat too much and don't exercise; skinny people must never eat yummy food; celebrities should be skinny as they can pay people to make their food and help them exercise-plus they have more free time than the average Joe...any of those sound familiar?
Well, some overweight people have medical issues that prevent them from losing weight, some are probably more physically fit than you or me but they just are having difficulties losing the weight.  Some skinny people just have amazing metabolisms and they put all sorts of junk in their bodies.  Celebrities have busier lives than a lot of us...yes they have money to pay people, but to get a great physique you need to put some effort in!
We assume a lot about people, about their personalities, about their lifestyle, about their parenting...just from snapshots we see of them.  We all have quirks that stem from personality traits, habits we have formed, self confidence affected from life experiences...don't write someone off after a brief meeting, give them a second chance as you might be surprised at what you find out next time you meet!
I recently had someone suggest that I didn't know what losing weight was like as I have always been an athlete, but that is not true.  Me, stereotyped as a skinny person?  I can tell you, I definitely eat yummy food, I just make better choices about it. 
I was an overweight child who became an overweight teenager.  At 16, I realized I wanted to play basketball and wear fun clothes like my friends so I started exercising and in my senior year at high school I was able to pull on the boy's L shorts instead of the XL for my Basketball uniform...barely!  I stayed active for the next 15 years as I love biking and playing team sports, but I never really understood what "real exercise" entailed.  I figured that out when I had kids and I was short on time and I wanted to lose the baby weight so I busted my butt at the gym so I could get back to my crying daughter and sure enough great things happened.  Along with that I cut way back on my calories, I stopped making poor food choices and I lost the 25 pounds I was planning to lose, plus 10 more!  There are no magic pills, there are no "one stop shops", it just requires hard work, sweat and commitment!  Once I reached my goal I added my treats back in, but the fastest way to meet my goals was to cut out the non essentials!
This past January I found some new products that helped me drop my body fat a few percentage points so I could see some of the muscles I had been working so hard to develop.  I started drinking Shakeology, which helped control my cravings for sweets and wine plus it increased my energy and I purchased Insanity from Beachbody!  I improved my nutrition and I found a workout program that knocked my socks off!  Beachbody has programs for all levels of fitness, I was ready to take it to the max!  Beachbody does not have any magic pills, but it provides all of the tools you need to reach fitness goals with it's amazing, money back guaranteed products...and when you buy them from me you get me as your own personal coach!
I would love to help you achieve what I have, and I would love to have you as an accountability partner to help me maintain my workout schedule and my good nutrition!  Join me at Beachbody where you can sign up for FREE or become a team member to benefit from the great nutrition tools, access to celebrity trainer chats, and more.
If you are looking for inspirational stories of weight loss, overcoming obstacles and great success in weight loss, please check out the Beachbody site ASAP!  There are people who have overcome MS, joint problems, extreme obesity, you name it, you will find it under the success stories.  Are you ready to be one of these success stories?  I would love to help!

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