Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am 3 days into my vacation and I only missed my workout on the travel day! I would say that is pretty impressive with my vacation workout track record! Today I put my ipod on and rocked out some a Turbo Kick workout on the BIL interrupted to say I looked a little crazy as no one else could hear the music...but then I had scared my sister away the day before when I was doing a Turbo Fire HIIT workout inside the house, but that was more due to the noise of my running shoes on the concrete floors while doing all the plyo jumping! My nutrition hasn't exactly been on track though :( Today was my sister's baby shower and there was cake...I love cake! and it is hot and there is cold beer...I love cold beer on a hot day :)
My 4 yo daughter felt the need to lift my shirt to look at my belly this afternoon though and despite having eaten what seemed like half of the cake, someone commented on my great abs, so I guess hard workouts do pay off!
I am heading out to help feed some baby water buffalo, hang out with my brother and sisters, my hubby and our kids! I think I might enjoy another beer, but tomorrow morning I am going to crank up the tunes and invite them all to workout with we can all look a little crazy together :)
PS. if you are wondering about the water buffalo, next year my sister will be operating an amazing Bed and Breakfast at the family water buffalo farm on Vancouver Island, BC.  check out

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