Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Two of Turbo Fire!

My plan is to get up early and get my workout in before I wake the kids for camp or whatever activity is on the agenda for the day. This morning I hit snooze once and then my daughter appeared, so she got to watch HIIT 15...lucky girl ;) I didn't want to eat right before I exercised so I mixed together some P90X Results and Recovery Formula to give me a little pep...that did the trick! The workout was great. You do each round 3 times, so the first time it is easy to miss a beat if you aren't paying 100% attention, but I imagine after going through this a few times it will be easy to catch it all and work at 100% intensity for every beat! When you are cramming your whole cardio into 15 minutes you really don't want to be slacking off at all! You have to remember too that it will be over quickly and you work your butt off for one minute then rest for one minute so you only have to exert yourself over and beyond for one minute at a time...that is doable for anyone! I love that there is always someone to follow who is not doing all the plyometric jumping that you can follow when you either are not able to jump or you just don't quite have the energy at that time :)
Tomorrow is slated as a REST DAY, but I teach Turbo Kick, so there will be Turbo 7 days a week for me :)

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