Monday, January 24, 2011

What is your WHY?

Why do you do the things you do?  Do they help you get to a destination or a goal?  or are they just "something to do"?  This goes for everything.  Work, play, fitness, what you eat...everything!  Everything you do has a purpose or a meaning behind it.

Usually you work to make money to support your basic living and other things you enjoy doing.  You play doing the activities you enjoy.  You exercise to stay fit and healthy.  You eat to nourish your body!  But these things can all be enjoyable...ALL of them, not just the play part!  If you don't like things the way they are then maybe it is time to change them!  Find a workout you enjoy, if you have been doing the same thing for years, look for a sport or a new class you could enjoy.  Find a new recipe book to seek recipes that appeal to you...cutting out the crap doesn't have to be so limiting, and lacking in flavor.  Work.  How many people actually enjoy their jobs?  Inevitably there will be something about your job that you prefer not to do, but overall is it like pulling teeth to head to work every day?  Have you put any thought into looking for a new job?

Change is tough!  Breaking bad habits is tough!  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit.  So start working on making a change for the better!

I often debate with myself why I do some of the things I do.  Why am I starting a new fitness program and focusing hard on the nutrition when I have less than 10 pounds to lose...why, because I can!  I am relatively young, I am healthy, I am a role model for my children and for friends and family that read what I write and watch what I do.  I spent most of my teenage years overweight and missed out on great opportunities in sports and school because I didn't want to change, I didn't want to challenge myself.  I will never limit myself again by not stepping up to the challenge, nor will I model to my children that is an option!  So six pack abs, here I come!  I will post on this blog updates of the next 90 days, but join me on the Beachbody message boards to share in my journey, post messages about your own, and let's reach for the challenge!!!  You can click on the link above or head to sign up for FREE and head to the message boards.  My posts are under "Working out in Bakersfield".

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