Friday, January 28, 2011

5 days in!

I know how to do it right, I know the rules, I know what works best for most people, I am happy to help, but I tell ya....following the rules is harder than stating them ;) The first day of no fruit was OK, but day two when I was hungry and the fruit was sitting there was pretty tough. Then there are my other go to snacks of yogurt, string cheese and cereal...not OK for two weeks!
So I have done pretty well, I am keeping tabs on my exact diet on the Beachbody message boards ...I went a little (read lot) overboard on my nut intake the past two instead of a handful I had about 5 handfuls!  But I was hungry!  I did not touch the forbidden foods, ie. sugar, starch, fruit and dairy!!! 
I am back on board today.  I got my 30 minute RevAbs Interval workout in and plan to go for a run with the dogs while the kids ride their bikes later.  I hard boiled eggs this morning as that is a mere 70 calorie snack which fills me up!
This process is learning for even the experienced.  I have decided that spending time making a veggie omelet for breakfast just isn't going to be an option for me.  It's not about the time, I just don't enjoy a big breakfast I prefer cereal...which I am cutting out, or Shakeology!  How can you not be happy about starting the day with a chocolate peanut butter banana shake...or for this week a chocolate almond shake?!?!?  Delicious, nutritious and great on the calories!
I have lost 3 pounds already, my energy is better today...I think I do need to stay a little over the 1100 calorie mark, but I am in the game and ready to keep running towards my goal.
I questioned why again yesterday.  Why do I need to do this when I am fit and healthy already?  But why not?  I have never had 6 pack abs so why not just get it done while I am still relatively young and healthy!!!  Would it be easier to commit if I had 50 pounds to lose?  You tell me.  Is it?  You have your health as a driving force but commitment is commitment, sacrifice is sacrifice and goals are goals!  Make those goals big and keep working towards them!  Let me know how I can help you!
Here is a video from the RevAbs test group:

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