Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking to raise money for your non-profit organization?

I, along with Team Beachbody, want to assist schools, non-profit institutions and causes in reaching their financial  goals.We will work with your institution to develop a fundraising program that combines online and offline sales tools to reach a wide audience and maximize your income generation.With our fundraisers,  consumers will find products designed to get people moving and empowering them to make the transition to better health. No junk food, no useless products or wasted time and effort.  I would also love to help you set up a Fit Club for adults and/or children!

Benefits & Highlights of the Team Beachbody Fundraising Program

  • No Cost: It is free to qualified non-profit institutions and carries no fees of any kind - Before, during, or after your sign up.
  • Investment Free: Products are sold by ”drop shipment” to shoppers therefore participating institutions do not purchase inventory for resale. No working capital required.
  • Profitable: With no inventory expenses or fees and a high dollar value per transaction, this is a fundraising program that produces results.
  • Hassle Free: We will handle all ordering, shipping, returns, customer service and day to day activities.
  • Transparency: Participants have access to sophisticated tools to track all sales & amounts raised and the ability to keep tabs on the progress and effectiveness of fundraising efforts.
  • Sustainable: Team Beachbody provides long term, year-round fundraising. Our widely-known products are constantly in demand and generate significant recurring sales. This translates into a continuous giving.
  • Quality: Our catalog and site carry exclusive brands not available in stores that are leaders in their field. All products sold come with a 30 day money back guarantee.
The Team Beachbody Fundraising program is designed to be simple. We take care of all the details which allows our participants to do what they do best: get people involved, drive traffic and generate sales.

Want to Find Out More About Team Beachbody’s Fundraising Program?

Click here to contact me. Send us  a message. We will contact you to answer all your questions, and hopefully get your fundraiser started!

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