Monday, January 31, 2011

RevAbs -my results after ONE WEEK!

[b]RevAbs Day Seven Monday Jan 31st, 2011:
Weight 164.5
Body Fat 20.9%
Waist 30", belly button 36"[/b]

RevAbs Day One Monday Jan 24th, 2011:
Weight 168.5
Body Fat 21.8%
Waist 31", belly button 37"

Week One VS Week Two results!!!
Apparently there is some belly burn going on!  I won't lie, the nutrition has been challenging for me.  Day One I had some serious headaches, and I am still having a big cup of coffee each day!  I think it was the sugar!  I would say 1% of body fat in one week is pretty good at these numbers!  I have some pretty high hopes of meeting my goal of 18% body fat and  pack abs when I am finished this program in 83 more days :)
How is your journey going?

Keep on pressing play!

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