Saturday, July 28, 2012

How does the Olympics Inspire You?

Are you a fan of watching sports?  How about the Olympics?  Some people have particular sports they love to watch, some they prefer to play, some are great for both.  The Olympics though are a spectacle that only occur every 4 years (technically every 2 years, but every 4 years if you are focused on the specific sports) and, as far as I am concerned, deserve full focus for their duration!
Today I watched swimming.... fast paced, seems much easier when you are watching than when you are actually participating :)  I am staying at my in-laws home right now so as I rode the spin bike I challenged myself to push super hard for the duration of the 400m medley.  4 minutes, not so bad and I pushed hard (the I continued to ride for 10 miles)... this afternoon I realized that 4 minutes of pushing hard does warrant the massage that the athletes receive! 
You can use the Olympics as an excuse to sit on the couch with your eyes glued to the TV OR you can use it as a motivator to push yourself towards excellence!  Do some research into what the atheletes need to do to train, push yourself hard while watching them compete, find a way to use the energy of the Olympics to propel you towards success!
What are you waiting for.... on your marks.... get set.... GO!!!!!

If you are looking for fitness support I would love to help.

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