Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your kids ARE watching what you eat and do!!!

This morning my daughter requested oatmeal for breakfast...with milk.  No sugar, no sprinkles.  Then when I put ground flax seed on mine she got upset that I hadn't put any on hers!  She didn't even want the blueberries I put in mine in hers!  Go figure.
Yesterday on the way home from the gym we watched a family heading into Burger King for dinner.  My son suggested that when he can drive he will go there every day, I could tell my daughter was tempted to agree but then responded, "I would rather be healthy".  Do I deprive my kids of fast food so they want it more?  Maybe.  But we make hamburgers at home, I bake oven fries, we have Dreyer's slow churned ice cream a few days a week.  We also have veggies at every meal and fruit before we have sweets after dinner to balance it out.
Last Friday after school I needed to get my workout done so I put in my DVD in and my daughter joined in!  After I finished RevAbs, she asked me to put in Tony and the Kids so she could keep working out.  This was after both of my children were running around the backyard wrestling with the dogs and each other and trying out my new pull up bar!

I try to get a workout in every day, I try to eat lots of veggies, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains and avoid processed foods.  Do I do this every day, not quite.  I also love cookies, chocolate, pizza, cheese, wine... I just consume these in a more controlled manner now and don't have them sitting on my counter tempting me!!!   My children are learning about choices and how to make good ones.  I want them to understand how important their health is so they can make their own choices accordingly!  It is never too late to start and I would love to help!  Beachbody has a great Meal Planner section if you join as a Club member .  It is comparable to Weight Watcher's online or Biggest Loser online, but more reasonably priced and you get a real person to contact with any questions...ME :)

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