Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Gifts!

I love to help people with their health and fitness, so a logical gift would be something to encourage/inspire friends and family to work on their health and fitness!  Alas, I cannot afford to buy everyone P90X and Shakeology, but there are a few more affordable are some ideas:
  • Tony and the Kids $9.95 - This is a fun workout for kids...also for parents starting on their fitness journey!
  • Tony and the Folks $9.95 - Do you know an older person who would like to get their fitness rolling?  Tony Horton has a great option here!
  • Shaun T.'s Fit Club $19.95 - Another great workout for the youngsters!
  • P90X One on One is &19.95 a month...December though is only 1 penny!  This does require signing up for monthly shipments, but you could gift a month or two and then tell them how they can continue this!  This gift would be ideal for someone who has completed P90X or wants to experience it before buying it!
  • Insanity Fast and Furious $19.95 - A 30 minute INSANE workout.  A taste of Insanity all crammed into a quick workout!  This workout is great for someone who is fit already and loves to exercise!
  • Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs and Power 90 are all $59.85 and the other programs go up from there.  Remember that these programs include not only the workout, but a suggested schedule to get maximal results and a nutrition plan!!!
  •  Beachbody has resistance bands, weighted gloves, Yoga tools, P90X Equipment and supplements, balance balls, plus vitamins and nutritional supplements that are proven and guaranteed!
There are many options here and as a coach I can buy all of these products at a 25% discount!  Guess can you!  It is FREE to sign up as a coach until the end of can buy yourself Shakeology or a program as a Christmas present at the same time!!!!  How many people can you check off of your list with these ideas?  Let me know how I can help you find the perfect gifts, the perfect program for you and encourage and inspire you into 2011!

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